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You are enough

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“If only you could see what I see” is what my mom would say to me as I cried over how worthless I felt. Growing up is hard, especially in those awkward middle school years. I remember how insecure I felt about the acne on my face, the hair on my arms, and my curly hair. Trying to find your own place in the world, while doing it with self-confidence, is not an easy task. I would spend so much time letting my exterior determine my worth and value. As I got older and made it through high school and college, I was able to gain more confidence in who I was. I started to feel that I had a lot to offer to this world. Even though there still are plenty of times that I doubt my worth, whether that's when I compare myself to others, or maybe a relationship doesn't work out, I always have to remember that I am still enough. On the day you were born you were enough, today you are enough and you will continue to be enough for the rest of your days. No mirror, no person, no relationship, or any other circumstance gets to determine that. If you could only see all the wonderful things others see in you, there would be no doubt that you are so much more than enough.

- Sophia


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