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Limited Edition - Be Mindful including a pin

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When I chose the quote for this card, I had several people in the office ask me, “What does that quote even mean?” And I laughed a bit because when you read it through for the first time, it does seem a little kooky, but I actually adore this quote by Confucius so much. In such simple phrasing, Confucius summarized the human experience of seeing versus doing. In writing, there’s an act called “showing versus telling,” which instructs the author to show your characters doing an action versus telling the reader that it’s happening. For example, I can write, “Jason was happy,” but I can show you this by saying, “Jason walked through the door with a hop in his step and a smile splayed across his face. He spoke a jolly hello to each person he saw on the way to his desk.” See the difference?

The reason I bring this up is that the best way to learn is by hearing, seeing, and doing. You hear the instructions, you see it in action of how it’s to be done, and then you do it for yourself to get a true understanding. Just like showing vs. telling, you only get a full grasp on something when you’re shown how to do it, and then you actually do it. You don’t get the full picture when you’re only told about it. 

This beautiful ZOX is your reminder to be mindful. Pay attention to the things around you, be present in the moment of learning because it’s an opportunity to fully grasp something that can help further your understanding. In whatever circumstance you need this reminder, I hope it helps you to be fully present because some things only come once in a lifetime.

Be bold,


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