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Golden Card - Move Mountains

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Dit is een echt collectors item. Het komt met de gouden kaart wat betekent dat het een strap is uit de 1ste 100 die gemaakt zijn!


There’s a pretty amazing quote by Confucius that reads, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” When I hear the encouraging phrase, “You can move mountains,” my mind pictures me literally picking up an entire mountain and moving it to a new place. With that mindset, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to actually move a mountain. When you put pressure on yourself to do something so big all at once, you’re going to ultimately disappoint yourself when you encounter roadblocks. If you start small, moving one pebble, one stone at a time, you’ll find that, even though it takes time, you’ve been slowly moving that big boulder all along.

As awesome as it would be to make big changes all in one go, it’s going to be frustrating and seemingly impossible, but if you start small, you may learn a few things along the way. Don’t bog yourself down with the goal of doing the big things all at once. Take your time, and try to enjoy the journey. You’re going to grow and learn so much more than you realize. 

Be bold,


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