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Follow Your Dreams

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Welcome back to your favorite place to be on Thursday mornings! I'm happy to see you here :)

Do you remember being in elementary school and filling out a sheet that read: "When I'm older, I want to be a ____"?

Do you remember what you put in the blank? Does it align with how you live your life now?

If you didn't, I wouldn't get discouraged. My blank held "hair stylist & singer" – yes, at the same time. And, I can assure you, I am not a singing hair stylist!

Over the years, our dreams and goals evolve with who we are and the interests we hold, but for some, dreams remain dreams and never become a reality.

Let's Change That

Now, some would say, "have more realistic goals." But what's the fun in that? Just because you dream big doesn't mean you can't make it real.

The thing about having big dreams is that they make us happy. It's a dream because you want it to happen, right?

And, dreaming big can actually be really healthy for our brains. Usually, we take little steps towards accomplishing our dreams without realizing it. If you want to be a world-renowned chef, but your day job is as a receptionist for a tax company, you may still enjoy cooking on the weekends for your family. You're improving your craft without knowing it!

Dreaming of something big and seemingly unattainable can motivate us to try to find time for aspects of it on the side. That motivation drives us to move forward, steps at a time, and continue using our creativity and imagination to think of big ways we can change our lives.

In fact, fostering big dreams can increase productivity in your daily activities and provide focus and direction in encouraging your talents. Let's say your dream is to travel the world. Your dream may bleed into your daily life of being an accountant where you work a little harder to set aside a portion of your paycheck to fund that dream someday.

Getting Past the "It'll Never Happen" Mindset

It's easy to slip into the pessimism of "it's too far out," "I'll never get there," and "it'll never happen" of dream-having. Your dreams may feel too big or too "out-there," but in reality, they're not. You just have to shift your mindset into a more optimistic lens.

Think of how much you've accomplished to get to where you are now. The fears you've conquered, the struggles you've survived. Years ago, you may not have imagined getting to this current stop. Now, take that same thought and apply it to the future. Where will you be years from now? There's no reason you couldn't be living out your dream life five years down the line.

So, let's start here.

  1. Write down your dreams. They can be big, small, a few, or many! It doesn't matter. Write them somewhere you can see them often. And don't lose track of them! They're important.
  2. Start incorporating ways to pursue them into your everyday routine. Do you want to own an amusement park someday? Maybe watch some business Master classes online to start learning how to go about managing one. Try a 30-minute podcast on your way to work. Little things can grow into one big accomplishment.
  3. Realize that you can make things happen if you're willing to make things happen. How can you expect to make any progress if you're unwilling to try? (I may have just called out a BUNCH of you there – you're welcome ❤️)
  4. Take it day by day. Before you know it, your dreams will have come true right before your eyes.

I hope we all accomplish our dreams, but we all have to try to make them a reality. We're all capable of it! And I really hope you're able to say that you have someday soon.

Be bold,




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