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Believe In You Like I Do

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Have you ever heard someone say, “treat yourself like you’d treat someone you love”? You hear a lot about self-love, but it can be hard to reflect in your own life because we are our harshest critics. You wouldn’t want someone you love to talk down to themselves, though, would you? If we start to recognize how we talk to ourselves, we realize that our loved ones are probably wishing we didn’t speak so negatively about how we look, what we do, or what our mistakes have been. 

The only people that see us for who we are, during the times when we’re laughing at the top of our lungs or crying for joy at the things that make us smile, are our loved ones. They see us in moments when we’re not focused on how we could mess things up or do something wrong, but they see us trying, succeeding, celebrating. They believe in us, even when we doubt ourselves.

Isn’t it encouraging that even with all of our flaws, our regrets, and mistakes, that those we love still choose to stand beside us through it all? If they can accept those tiny imperfections we make our entire focus, can’t we do that, too? My hope with this ZOX is that it reminds you that what you see in the mirror isn’t the full picture. You are so capable of doing hard things, you just need to believe in yourself as everyone else does.

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