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We all fall; we all fail, and we do these things multiple times throughout our lives, but the moment it happens, it feels like all is lost. No matter how much good happens in our lives, any bad thing seems to bring everything crashing down. I think that’s why fear and anxiety take such a hold on us; it’s like we’re constantly waiting for the next bad thing to happen.

The problem is that means we’re seeing falling and failing as negative circumstances instead of what they really are: opportunities to start fresh. Opportunities to try again. Opportunities to learn and grow. Yes, it’s awful to realize that something’s wrong or messed up, but those moments extend a hand for us to get right back up.

When you fall, the only direction left to go is up. You can roll around for a bit if you want, let the hard times seep in, but eventually, you’ll need to stand. And you will - it’s the only option. Let this ZOX be a reminder that no matter what life throws your way, you’re going to get back up again. Rise despite.

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