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One Day or Day One

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One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received is to go into situations without expectations. I don’t always listen…. But I try because we’re likely to be disappointed by the outcome of most events when our expectations don’t come to pass. We expect our dreams to come true one day, but we get disappointed when they don’t appear out of thin air. 

We’re the ones that are responsible for making our dreams come true. As much as I’d like to wait around for things to just happen, it won’t unless I take steps to make them happen. It’s easy to say “one day I’ll do it,” but there will come a time when that “day” has passed without any movement on your end.

Today, though, you can start. You can take the first step to makeit happen. If you need a little push, let this breathtaking Double be your motivation. Let this be your day one.

Be bold,





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