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Mountains to Molehills

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Fear of the unknown has always been a challenge for me, preventing me from trying new hobbies, showcasing my creative work, or taking on new life changes. Uncertainty digs its claws in, and suddenly the steps towards my goals grow taller and more difficult to reach until they tower over me.

But fear thrives off of misperception. Many years ago, I won an art competition, earning a one-on-one instruction session with a professional artist. But when the time came for me to meet them, I completely shut down. My greatest fear was showing this incredible artist my talent, and watching them be disappointed with me live and in person. My worry grew from “I’m nervous for this new experience,” to “They will view me as a failure.” My molehill was a mountain I created myself. Now, I see how I missed out because of my skewed perspective. Would the artist laugh at my face? Probably not. 

I don’t plan on missing out on any more opportunities just because I fear failure or rejection. I see these events as an opportunity to do more and grow—the mountain has transformed into a molehill.

So when you look at your mountains, remember to look down at where you stand, because you just might need a change of scenery.

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