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Either way it will be okay

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If you knew that everything would work out, would you stop worrying about things? Had I been asked this question, I wish I could say yes, but I’d probably still worry. What if I messed something up that changed the way things would work out? That’s just anxiety and fear talking. But I find it hard to control those things, and so do a lot of people.

It’s important to talk about mental health. For some reason, it was a taboo subject for years, yet it affects everyone. Anxiety is a beast, a sneaky one that hides in the dark and pounces when we least expect it. However, just because anxiety is a beast, that does not make you one for suffering from it. Anxiety can start as a seedling and grow into a towering stalk for some people and remain a fly on the wall for others. Whether people admit it or not, we’re all prey to some form of worry, but it’s not something to be hush-hush about.

It’s important to talk about things that matter to us, even if they don’t always affect us. It’s okay to not always be happy; it’s okay to be angry and sad; it’s okay to get stressed. But, it’s also good to acknowledge that whatever we’re dealing with will eventually fade. Everything will be okay. Whether the situation you’re in turns out to be the best thing ever or the worst, you will be okay when all is said and done. Either way, you will make it through. You’ve fought to get here, and you’ve made it; nothing can stop you now.

My hope for this beautiful Strap is that you know you’re not alone in your struggles. It’s hard to remember when life goes sideways, but things will pan out, and you will be okay.

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